Congratulations Dr. Xiaoyi Li!!!

A big congratulations to our own Xiaoyi Li who today brilliantly earned her PhD with a wonderful presentation to cap five years of hard work and a remarkable first author paper in Molecular Cell. Xiaoyi will soon move to the west coast to start her postdoctoral training.

Running a lab can be frustrating at times, but the privilege of witnessing a young student like Xiaoyi flourish and blossom into an accomplished scientist is, at the end of the day, what makes our job the best in the world.

Ad majora Xiaoyi, the future is yours! And thanks again for choosing us five years ago…

One thought on “Congratulations Dr. Xiaoyi Li!!!

  1. The message conveyed between the lines made me feel the warmth of this team.Rigorous scientific research can also be filled with human concern.


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