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On the role of miRNAs in adult tissues

We are thrilled to share a pre-print describing a novel approach to interfere with global microRNA activity in cells and in living animals without affecting miRNA biogenesis or miRNA abundance. Inducible and reversible inhibition of miRNA-mediated gene repression in The approach is based on a peptide (T6B) previously generated by Gunter Meister and TomContinue reading “On the role of miRNAs in adult tissues”

Welcome Davide!

A warm welcome to Davide Pradella, our new postdoc! Davide is from Gravedona, a small village on the north shores of Lake Como, in Italy. He obtained his Ph.D. in Genetics, Molecular, and Cellular Biology from the University of Pavia, working on RNA metabolism at the Institute of Molecular Genetics (IGM). Davide research interests willContinue reading “Welcome Davide!”

We are hiring!

We have an NIH-funded postdoctoral position available immediately to study BRAF-driven pediatric brain cancers. You will use ex vivo and in vivo somatic chromosomal engineering to model and characterize pediatric brain tumors driven by the BRAF oncogene, with a particular focus on tumors driven by BRAF gene fusions. The goals include defining the molecular mechanismsContinue reading “We are hiring!”

Ping Mu: from student to PI

Ping Mu, our very first graduate student, after completing  a very successful postdoc with Charles Sawyers, has now started his own lab at UTSW where he will continue his ground breaking work on prostate cancer. If you are looking for a postdoctoral position I cannot think of a better environment and a better lab! ToContinue reading “Ping Mu: from student to PI”

Congratulations Alex!

Great news today: Alexander Perez was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list! This is a prestigious and well-deserved recognition for the important work on CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing he did as a joint MD/PhD student between Christina Leslie’s lab and ours. Way to go Alex!!!

Modeling brain cancer with CRISPR

We are proud to announce that our latest manuscript: “Somatic chromosomal engineering identifies BCAN-NTRK1 as a potent glioma driver and therapeutic target”, has been just published in Nature Communications. This work was the result of a truly collaborative effort  between our lab and the lab ot our neighbors at MSKCC: Robert Benezra and Maurizio Scaltriti.Continue reading “Modeling brain cancer with CRISPR”


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