matisee-dance-hermitage-large-resized-600We strive to maintain a collegial, outgoing, and friendly atmosphere in our lab, as we are convinced that science and fun can and should go together. Although our present and past lab member have very different backgrounds, they all share the same passion for understanding, the same openness, and the same willingness to help each other out.
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Current Lab Members

Andrea Ventura

Paul Ogrodowski

Ram Kannan

Raymond Wu

Joana Vidigal

Xiaoyi Li

Turgut Dogruluk

Peter Cook

Gaspare La Rocca

Ji Eun Li

Chiara Mastroleo

Sue Woebe


Ciro Bonetti (now Scientist at Regeneron)

Francesca Infante (Research Fund Management Specialist @ MSKCC)

Ping Mu (Postdoc in Charles Sawyers Lab at MSKCC)

Carla Concepcion (postdoc in Tyler Jacks lab at MIT)

Yoon-Chi Han (Scientist at Pfizer, NY)

Danilo Maddalo (Lab Head at Novartis, Basel)

Evelyn Yao

Alekos D’Andrea (Postdoc @IIT)

Maurizio Fazio (PhD Student @ Harvard Medical School)

Gabriele Corda (PhD Student @ Brunel Insitute, London)

Dirk Spencer (PhD Student @ Stanford University)

Yu Wah

Stephanie Cervino

Alex Perez

Sandra Casseus