Lab Fun

2017 Ventura lab ski-trip/brainstorming

This year the Ventura lab headed to Camelback Mountain to spend some time on the slopes and take a break from the lab.

Peter and Andrea were the only who actually dared skiing, while the rest of the group preferred more ‘relaxing’ activities, such as snow tubing, testing their aiming skills at a shooting range, or engaging in a friendly poker game.

In the evening, students and postdoc had the floor to present their new ideas. The brainstorming session ended with a secret ballot that to decide the ‘best idea’ of the retreat. Xiaoyi was the winner and took home a brand new iPad mini!

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2016 Ventura-Benezra lab outing

The two labs joined forces for a day of rafting, relaxation, and sports in Pennsylvania.

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2014 Ventura lab ski trip

We joined the Hemann and Jacks laboratories (MIT) for two days of skiing and fun in Maine.

2013  Ventura Lab Outing

We went for a ‘relaxing’ day at Mohonk Mountain. Well, the climbing part was not so relaxing, but luckily we all survived it!

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2012 Ventura Lab Day at the Museum

A fun trip to the Museum of Natural History.

2012 Ventura-Thompson Lab Outing

With the Thompson lab, river rafting and water gun battling.

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2011 Ventura Lab Outing

We went to Atlantic City to get rich.

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2010 Ventura Lab Outing

This time, we went sailing on the Hudson and topped the day off with a fierce Bowling game.

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2009 Ventura Lab Outing

For our first official lab trip, we headed into the woods for an epic paintball battle.

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