Reagents & Protocols

We believe that science should be a free and open endeavor and we will promptly share any published reagents with the rest of the scientific community. To facilitate the process, and to reduce the costs for our laboratory, we distribute all our genetically engineered mice through the Jackson laboratories, and our most popular plasmids via Addgene. To request reagents not included in this list, please contact us at

Our plasmids on AddGene

Halo-enhanced Ago2 pulldown (HEAP)

Download the computational pipeline or a detailed HEAP protocol related to Li, Prytikin, Concepcion et al.

Our mice at Jackson

Dox-inducible T6B transgenic mouse described in La Rocca, King et al., eLife, 2021JAX Stock No. JAX Stock no. 036470:  B6;129-Col1a1tm1(tetO-Tnrc6b/YFP)Aven/J (COMING SOON!)

Halo-Ago2 conditional knockin mouse described in Li, Prytikin, Concepcion et al., Mol Cell, 2020

JAX Stock No. 034467:  B6.Cg-Ago2tm1.1(DhaA*)Aven/JJAXMice datasheet:
Synonym:  Ago2Halo-LSL

(Note: Jax is still processing this strain, so the link may not be functional yet. We recommend you contact them directly to secure the mice as soon as they are made available).

Mice described in Han, Vidigal, Mu, et al Nature Genetics 2015

Mice described in Concepcion et al., Plos Genetics 2011
miR-34a conditional KO
miR-34bc straight KO

Mice described in Ventura et al., Cell 2008
miR-17~92 conditional KO (generated in Tyler Jacks’s lab)
miR-17~92 KO (generated in Tyler Jacks’s lab)
miR-106a~363 KO (generated in Tyler Jacks’s lab)
miR-106b~25 KO (generated in Tyler Jacks’s lab)

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