We are hiring!

We have an NIH-funded postdoctoral position available immediately to study BRAF-driven pediatric brain cancers. You will use ex vivo and in vivo somatic chromosomal engineering to model and characterize pediatric brain tumors driven by the BRAF oncogene, with a particular focus on tumors driven by BRAF gene fusions.

The goals include defining the molecular mechanisms driving these tumors and responsible for their unique biological and clinical features, and developing and testing novel therapeutic strategies.

Contact us for additional details and check out our work on CRISPR-based chromosomal engineering.

Some background:

Maddalo, D., Manchado, E., Concepcion, C.P., Bonetti, C., Vidigal, J.A., Han, Y.-C., Ogrodowski, P., Crippa, A., Rekhtman, N., and de Stanchina, E. (2014).
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GuideScan software for improved single and paired CRISPR guide RNA design.
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Nat Commun.
 2017;8:15987. PubMed PMID: 28695888 PMCID:PMC5508201.

And a couple of reviews:
Ventura, A., and Dow, L. (2018)
Modeling Cancer in the CRISPR Era.
Annual Review of Cancer Biology Vol 2. Issue 1

Maddalo, D., and Ventura, A. (2016).
Somatic Engineering of Oncogenic Chromosomal Rearrangements: A Perspective.
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